Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Fall Ya'll !!!

Hello everyone, we are hoping you are all having a wonderful fall and had a great Halloween. We have enjoyed ours so far, but, the time is just flying by too fast. There are too many things I wanted to do but just didn't get around to. I realized that I never posted pictures of last Halloween or fall, so here are a few along with this years. Last year, we started the rounds of flu early and Logan really did not enjoy Halloween as much as he normally does, he was very sick on Halloween and only lasted barely a half hour before wanting to just come home. This year? He was feeling great and so hyped up on sugar he literally was running circles around Dennis in the front yard, high speed, non-stop, for about 20min. At one point I turned around to find three suckers crammed in his mouth at one time, hence the running amok!! Hey, It's Halloween, it's once a year. Secretly, I was hoping he would make himself so sick He would be repulsed by candy for the rest of his life. I don't think it worked. Luckily we were low on candy and most of what he collected was recycled back out to all the little ghouls and goblins.

Fall/Halloween 2007

Every year Logan comes up with a great idea for a costume, but it can not be any basic costume. Last year he really wanted to be a mummy, but not any mummy it had to be a pharaohs mummy and of course I can't help but to indulge.

Fall/Halloween 2008
This year Logan picked his favorite hero, Robin Hood.


Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

Wow Alicia, you totally rock in the costumes department!! So creative!! I wish sometimes I would put more effort into those things! :)
I love seeing all the pictures of you guys and hearing your updates!! Logan is adorable as always! Wish we lived closer!

Jen M said...

Can I hire you when Grady starts wearing costumes?! These are beautiful fall pics. And, love that 3 lollipop shot - hahahaha! Miss you guys so so much!

Al said...

very fun miss! But I can't believe you would take your childs candy to give out at the door, that's riot talk where I'm from :D

Hillary and Family said...

I love that he is creative with his costumes!! Seriously it's great! Hehe, sounds like you all had a fantastic and exhausting Halloween.

Oh, and your title :) I keep feeling the desire to say Happy Fall Ya'll, but I won't let myself do it because ya'll slips out way to easily and it makes me feel like I lived in TX too long! hehe, what happened to my good CA upbringing!

And as always I love checking your blog simply for the awesome pictures and of course family updates but you always somehow manage to make normal things so beautiful. Any way Happy Fall... um well.. everyone. :) Is that right?