Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm a Snake Wrangler!

Here is "Weggie's" Story

About a month ago, Logan and Dennis went out to a friends ranch house. Along the way, on the road, they found Reggie and stopped to catch him, and of course he HAD to be brought home! With Dennis and Logan there is no way around that. Luckily snakes don't bother me. Reggie is really very sweet, he's a Gopher snake and is about two feet long. So we bought him a nice little terrarium, some sand and artificial rocks and plants, and made a comfy little snake home for him. Logan even got to watch him shed, to great excitement. Feeding him however was not well received by Logan, what do you mean feed that cute fuzzy baby mouse to him! So it is agreed, by Logan, that if Reggie is to be kept, and alive for that matter, Reggie will eat in private and without Logan's knowledge.

Last Thursday, we discovered Reggie was missing! Logan insisted on me posting lost pet posters, hence the sign below. I really was trying to delay posting them, truly thinking the neighbors would not be real happy with this news.

Yipeeeee! Reggie was spotted in the living room today and I wrangled him out, put him in his cage, adding a very large rock to the top. Hopefully that will keep the little Houdini in. He did help with some dusting! He was covered in little dust bunnies. See, I told you he was rather sweet!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hmmm, what would the neighbors think?

I already can imagine what you have to say Sarah! ;)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Snips, Snails, Puppy Dog Tails and MUDD!!!!

This is what I came home to Monday night after work. Logan was having such great fun and loved that we were all hiding in the kitchen, watching him, for fear of being attacked by the mud monster!