Monday, September 15, 2008

I want to learn to do that!

This last weekend was the Dental convention in San Francisco. Every year, the office I work for attends. It's always a fun trip with all the girls from the office and a great opportunity to meet up with old friends I don't get to see very much. This trip, I found out that Chihuly was exhibiting his glass art at the De Young Museum, and I made a point to go. I love Chihuly! If you have never seen any of his work (here are a few pictures), you really should try to go. Chihuly and his crew are amazing craftsmen and make some of the most beautiful glass art I have ever seen. Watching the movie at the exhibit was like watching a carefully choreographed dance. They have to work so quickly with the glass and they create such gorgeous, delicate pieces. It's amazing and inspiring.


Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

woah!! I am amazed....that would definitely be a talent I do NOT have!

hahaha, imagine me in a class.....the teacher would probably just send me to get supplies then lock me out! ....i am serious!

But, he could do that. That guy can do anything. Get him on it. I am thinking Christmas presents for all! :)
Love you guys!

Natalie said...

That is gorgeous glass...what an amazing talent. Glass blowing is something I have always wanted to see. (I hadn't thought about learning how to do it, but, that would be fun too! :) Have a great day!!!

Jenny Doan said...

Wow, I have never even heard of him and this glass is amazing! They look like talents from another world.

Jen M said...

Is he the one that did the ceiling in one of the Vegas hotels? Very cool! And your photos - that's talent!