Thursday, June 5, 2008


What is it about Tennessee? Whenever I am there I feel as if I have come home, I always have such a feeling of peace and contentment. Each time I ask myself if it's just because I'm on vacation, but it always seems much more than that. I especially feel this way in Eastern Tennessee with the Smokies nearby. I Just got back from there last week, I finally got a chance to visit my Dad, stepmother and sisters. I had such a nice trip. Even though my father was still at Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville, I had a very nice time visiting with him for 5 days. Most of the days I would spend the morning site seeing and then head over to the hospital in the afternoon to have lunch then stay till late visiting. I didn't get to see my stepmother and sisters much, I wish I could have more, but this trip was about my Dad and just being with him after all he has been through. His strength, determination and sense of humor just amazes me. He only has about one more week to stay infection free and he can be on the transplant list. Here are some pictures I took during my wanderings.


Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

what beautiful glad you had a nice trip. hope everything works out for your dad.

Jen M said...

I'm so glad you could spend time with your Dad. I'm sure you lifted his spirits, too. These pictures are beautiful, you have a great eye!

Jenny Doan said...

I think sometimes it is our roots calling us back to a place. We do feel more of the "home" feel in certain places. I hope you Dad stays well. We will pray for him.