Friday, June 6, 2008

So Proud!

Logan has graduated from Kindergarten and we are so proud. He is an excellent student and has scored very well on the Stanford SAT's. Out of 28 area's of testing he scored above average on 19 and average in 9 with 5 of those on the high end of the average bar. I have to also post his poem he made up in his head a few weeks ago. He really truly did this off the top of his head and I personally was blown away and just have to share!

"The bruised hand.

The moon shines brightly,

and the grave cracks that's

not so delightly, and it's

followed by the tune of the angels.

While the daisy's sing, the flowers swing.

God sets down Jesus' ring and he rises on

his wings."

I asked him what his poem was about and he said it was about Jesus' resurrection, I also asked him what he meant about the ring and he said it was Jesus' ring of thorns and the bruised hand was where the nails had been. This was a mouth dropping to the floor moment for me and filled my heart with overwhelming love and pride.


Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

what a sweet boy he is....i love how creative a spirit he has. and i LOVE those 'proud Mama' moments! it only gets better!! :)

Jen M said...

Wow - that's beautiful! I'm impressed!

Jenny Doan said...

These are those moments where you look at your children and say who are you ...really I love it when that happens