Sunday, September 2, 2007

I have survived!!!!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity and it ends this weekend, thank goodness, because I am about ready to collapse!! It's all been for fun though so it has been worth it. Two weeks ago we started with Logan's first week of school and and ended the weekend with: Friday night at the Circus, Saturday night at the Heart concert and Sunday all day at a family picnic and swimming. Logan spent 4 1/2 hours of swimming, non-stop, really and truly! How anyone can doggy paddle that long, I have no idea. I keep telling Dennis that Logan is part energizer bunny or I guess, fish in this case. I think now he believes me.

Monday Logan was back at school and Dennis and I back at work, then Logan came down with a Nasty virus on Tues., I have never seen him so sick and miserable. Three days of coughing, high fever and stomach ache. I thought he was on his way to recovery Thurs. morning (his actual birthday), he seemed a lot better and requested pizza and Ice cream cake for his birthday dinner. When I got home however, he had just woken up and his fever had, soared again and he was vomiting non-stop. He had really bad stomach pain and I couldn't even touch his tummy. I freaked out thinking it might be appendix and we took him to urgent care, we sat there for 2 hours and in the meantime Logan had purged that "evil" virus from his system and was bouncing around the exam room like he hadn't been so ill, just a few hours before. I told the Dr. it was like taking your car to the mechanic with that weird noise, that suddenly disappears when he looks at it. The Dr. said it was the tail end of the virus, his tummy was fine and he wouldn't be surprised if that was the peak of it, sure enough he was better the next day. He still has an occasional bad cough, but as per the Dr. he's ok for his birthday party (really an event!) on Saturday.

So here we are the day after the event and I have survived, Dennis and I pretty much did nothing except try to un-package Logan's new toys, which is really a job in itself. Can you believe all the twisty ties, tape and little clear rubber bands they use anymore? It took us two hours to figure out how to turn his new Optimus Prime transformer into a big rig, only to have him want it turned into a robot again right after! You gotta just laugh and love it though. He had a really great birthday party, as soon as I get the pictures I'll post them and tell you all why I have declared myself certifiably insane. Also, I have to thank God for his little miracle this morning, Logan slept till eleven and so did Dennis and I!!! Yeah!!!!!!!
Energizer Fish

Not so happy Birthday Boy :(


Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

You guys have been busy! It is so fun to be able to hear about you makes me feel more a part of your life! I love the internet! Happy Birthday, Logan! I am glad he is feeling better...sick kids + birthday = no fun at all!!:) But I am glad he pulled through it, and you survived too! Oh, and I agree with the whole kids toys tied up like they will escape thing... Drives me crazy!
Love you all!

Jenny Doan said...

What fun! Kids just amaze me and I am proud of you for making it through. Happy Birthday Logan!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Logan! Sounds like your family has been crazy busy!!! Its worth it though...just for the stories!!:) I love the blog!!

Alex~Hillary~Allyson~Olivia~Alayna~Phoebe said...

Oh that's nasty stuff! I've heard in Utah they're having a lot of trouble with viruses spreaing through the swimming pools... oh well it's miserable wherever it came from... hopefully he's fine by now anyway. I thought it was cool that he enjoys transformers as I am in the process of making an optimus prime birthday cake for a friend right now :) I'll put up some pics when I'm done :) I agree with sarah I love hearing about your lives. We miss you!