Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another year older!!!

Aaaahhh!! I'm another year older and can't understand where the years have gone. I have turned 38, how did that happen???? I don't feel it, well maybe, my body seems to be doing some new wierd things, but mentally no. Actually I should say at heart because mentally there have been more episodes of forgetfulness, sometimers or momtimers. I had a great birthday, it was the little things that meant the most. Logan painted a beautiful picture of hummingbirds, my favorite, and Dennis gave me a card that meant a lot. It was a card that I knew he read and felt the words and it made me cry. I love my boys!!!!

We didn't do anything on Friday, my actual birthday, because the office I work for takes a picture every year for our holiday card. The Drs. always buy us dinner after. This year it just happened to be scheduled on my birthday and it was a lot of fun. We took our picture on a boat off the wharf in Monterey and even went on a mini ride for about 30 min. There is one male Dr.(poor guy!), three female Drs. and 12 crazy, silly women who actually all get along and have a great time. Saturday Logan and I went to his little swingers golf class and out to breakfast, just the two of us (Dennis works every other Sat. till 12) and I spent the afternoon cleaning the inside of the van. I recently sat in the back seat after not doing so for a very long time and was horrified at how dirty it was. Especially the sliding door, I never see the inside of when I put Logan in his seat. I think his juice box exploded a few times, or most likely he used it as a squirt gun, without me knowing it. So I scrubbed the whole inside of the van, vacuumed and fabreezed it.

Today was my birthday fun day. The Renaissance faire is at Casa de Fruta and we went for the whole day. We love the faire, its so much fun. Logan really loves it. Unfortunately I didn't have any time to make any costumes but will have to maybe start planing now for next year. Logan was very upset with me. He wanted to be a Knight or at least a squire, especially since he just had his Knight birthday party. I haven't gathered all the pictures of his birthday yet but as soon as I do I will post some along with our renaissance pictures.

Thank you for all the happy birthday cards and comments. I love and miss you all too.



Jenny Doan said...

Isn't is the most bizzare thing to get older? I so understand those feelings. I'm glad you had a nice birthday. I love you so much..I sure wish we were closer.

Natalie said...

Happy birthday Alicia! I'm glad it was a nice day for you. Who wouldn't want to go boating on their birthday! The ren faire looks like a lot of fun too, wish I was there with you!!